commercial farming in a sentence

  1. Since the 1950s, commercial farming methods have been applied to the mopane worm harvests, particularly in South Africa.
  2. The locals of Cawayan still largely depend on subsistence farming despite its topographic advantage to adapt commercial farming.
  3. Commercial farming The WRM says : " Their only known way of life [ is ] threatened ."
  4. "It may be difficult to find contiguous blocks of land needed for large-scale commercial farming, " says Zulkifli.
  5. Commercial farming became viable in the area once the grain trade had developed technologies to handle the pipeline technology.
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  7. At the turn of the 20th century the local area changed its chief industry from lumber to commercial farming.
  8. Ciumara said Deere & Co ., which makes commercial farming machines, is also very close to a large commitment.
  9. An additional aim was to disseminate the information that the Welsh pig is a good choice for commercial farming.
  10. This map shows various uses for the region's land : commercial farming, subsistence farming, ranching, nomadic herding and manufacturing.
  11. The farmers were each given 1, 000 hectares of land under a 25-year renewable lease for commercial farming purpose.
  12. "I believe this is yet another nail in the coffin of commercial farming in this country, " he said.
  13. Throughout this century, mass seed breeding and commercial farming have contributed to the reduction of plant variety, the study says.
  14. Ciumara said Deere & AMP; Co ., which makes commercial farming machines, is also very close to a large commitment.
  15. Farm leaders warn the announcement casts more doubt over the viability of commercial farming in Zimbabwe's already ailing agriculture-based economy.
  16. The land seizures have decimated the nation's commercial farming industry and come amid a potentially devastating food crisis in Zimbabwe.
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