commercial farming in a sentence

  1. Pineapples were grown until 1895, when freezing weather wiped out crops and ended commercial farming.
  2. Today, he owns Cardoza Commercial Farming, which manages about 2, 500 acres for local landowners.
  3. The chiefs of the said areas practiced commercial farming.
  4. It further has the advantage of combining communal and commercial farming in the same region.
  5. Since 1979 commercial farming has replaced subsistence farming as the dominant mode of agricultural production.
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  7. Commercial farming is not well developed, but cotton, tobacco, and coffee are grown for sale.
  8. Under the programme, the Orang Asli will be taught commercial farming to raise their incomes.
  9. Whether these microsporidium-like parasitic species were introduced by commercial farming is being studied by Sea Grant.
  10. Would he ever go back to commercial farming?
  11. About 15 white farmers gathered recently to discuss such problems and to create a commercial farming association.
  12. The government's decision to earmark 95 percent of white-owned land has brought commercial farming to a standstill.
  13. Dynamotive released the results of a year-long test applying Dynamotive s CQuest Biochar in commercial farming test plots.
  14. Violence and chaos has accompanied President Robert Mugabe's controversial land reform program which crippled the commercial farming industry.
  15. Commercial farming in Pescadero flourishes because of an ample supply of underground water funneled down from the mountains.
  16. The large influx of Southeast Asian immigrants has justified the commercial farming of previously obscure ingredients like lemongrass.
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