commercial farmer in a sentence

  1. The country's most arable lands were held by a relatively small group of white commercial farmers.
  2. White commercial farmers produce about half of Zimbabwe's corn, the nation's staple crop.
  3. The first commercial farmers came nearly 20 years ago from the southern state of Rio Grande do Sul.
  4. Growing produce without soil and in limited space is increasingly popular among both backyard gardeners and commercial farmers.
  5. Mugabe has not responded to the plan submitted to him by the Commercial Farmers'Union in January.
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  7. Violence also continued Sunday in farming districts northwest of Harare, the Commercial Farmers Union and witnesses said.
  8. "How do commercial farmers expect me to engage in serious dialogue with them if these charges remain?
  9. Violence and intimidation against farmers and their workers has continued in most areas, the Commercial Farmers Union said.
  10. The Namibia Agricultural Union, which represents commercial farmers, reacted with dismay Tuesday to Angula's threats.
  11. About 4, 000, mostly white, commercial farmers own almost half of Namibia's arable land.
  12. Since the colonial era, the most fertile lands have been held by a small minority of white commercial farmers.
  13. In recent days, another 13 white-owned farms have been occupied, the Commercial Farmers Union said Saturday.
  14. Some owners had not received official notices that their properties were targeted for confiscation, the Commercial Farmers Union said.
  15. There are a lot of farmers in and around Mount Frere and most of the people rely on Commercial farmers.
  16. These findings could be connected to the significant use of the lake's drainage catchment area by commercial farmers.
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