commercial farmer in a sentence

  1. On Thursday, however, he postponed the action pending negotiations with commercial farmers.
  2. So a decade later the company sold off its land to private commercial farmers.
  3. The Commercial Farmers Union said his homestead had been attacked by suspected ruling party militants.
  4. Commercial Farmers Union President Colin Cloete said.
  5. It is a priority of the commercial farmers to assist the government with land reform.
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  7. The theft sets back research on cures to diseases that ail ducks raised by commercial farmers.
  8. Commercial farmers have fared even better.
  9. We are therefore requesting commercial farmers to be serious and to cooperate with the legal process.
  10. In May of the year, commercial farmers also resumed banana exports to the Arabian peninsula.
  11. We cannot accept perpetual occupation of most of our fertile land by a few white commercial farmers.
  12. But commercial farmers suffer from an overvalued currency rate and are burdened by high-interest loans.
  13. District officials of the Commercial Farmers Union said 25 homesteads were trashed in a week of violence.
  14. It criticized white commercial farmers for trying to " frustrate " the land reform process.
  15. He said black commercial farmers were expected to take up allocated land by the end of August.
  16. There are successful black farmers in Zimbabwe _ about 700 members of the Commercial Farmers Union are black.
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