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  1. Just erase the command, save the file and restart Windows.
  2. Approval had to come down through a whole chain of command.
  3. We're going to take out your command and control.
  4. But how experienced in combat are the troops under your command?
  5. Debug is waiting for the knowledgeable user to enter a command.
  6. It's difficult to find command in a sentence.
  7. I would pit my command staff against any Fortune 500 company,
  8. He believed he would never again be given an active command.
  9. No . 1 contenders command nothing more than a mandatory defense.
  10. Goodyear commands a leading 30 percent of the Mexican tire market.
  11. The Russians, Perry said, want separate command and control.
  12. This black box becomes the command post for your home theater.
  13. He has the power to command millions of dollars in purses.
  14. Can NATO, under American command, make the peace stick?
  15. Good ones get stolen; even mediocre ones command big salaries.
  16. Besides command and control, the other major category is dictation.
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