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  1. To use DOS you have to know its vocabulary of commands.
  2. "Come on, " he commands his family.
  3. U . S . troops under foreign command is not new.
  4. They said he ignored an officer's command to stop.
  5. The crowd had no problem complying, acting crazy on command.
  6. It's difficult to find command in a sentence.
  7. Talk about what you do in a way that commands respect.
  8. The Pacific command was to occupy Spokane, Seattle and Portland.
  9. However the Russian military command denied any air strikes took place.
  10. The old pro knows how to turn in a command performance.
  11. Designate a command center or else the planning will get confused,
  12. His eyes are open longer and he can follow simple commands.
  13. Every night, we have wounded soldiers in the command posts.
  14. "I typed something . ` Bad command'flashes.
  15. His intention was to get a better command of the language.
  16. How will these forces be supported and who will command them?
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