come down in a sentence

"come down" meaning  "come down" in Chinese  
  1. When you get up that high you come down pretty hard.
  2. Finally it comes down to the quality of the artistic endeavor.
  3. It has so many people so of course they come down.
  4. The prosecution of those cases just comes down to a philosophy.
  5. It comes down to when can we make the best deal.
  6. It's difficult to find come down in a sentence.
  7. And it comes down to how hard you want to work.
  8. You have to come down and remember what got you here.
  9. But the price should come down as the technique is refined.
  10. Many of the differences come down to the issue of control.
  11. Six had come down by late afternoon . a spokeswoman said.
  12. It comes down to dealing with life on its own terms.
  13. It may come down to a big headache at the end.
  14. The market will bring them down when inflationary expectations come down.
  15. Fleisher sat out the Naples tournament after coming down with pneumonia.
  16. If it comes down to it I could do it again.
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