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  1. So would many clothing and cosmetics stores, and even delicatessans.
  2. Dozens of venders sold hot food, clothing and California maps.
  3. In exchange, the shelter got food, clothing and toys.
  4. Someone asked me if I still wore those kind of clothes.
  5. The little money we have is to buy clothes and shoes,
  6. It's difficult to find clothes in a sentence.
  7. The music, the choreography and the lighting supersede the clothes.
  8. Just like your clothes get dirty, your jewelry gets dirty.
  9. But she insisted that she preferred to make the embroidered clothes.
  10. Why, now he can put on his clothes for himself!
  11. And beneath her understated designer clothes is a will of steel.
  12. What makes an item of clothing acceptable for the average man?
  13. "It's totally ironic that I design clothes.
  14. With his clothes he doesn't have to be verbal.
  15. His clothes set a new standard in combining function and esthetics.
  16. I like the clothes hamper empty, and the refrigerator full.
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