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  1. The clothes that she did not model were displayed on mannequins.
  2. Versace's clothes are often luxurious takes on streetwise trends.
  3. There was nothing Stone Age or even rocky about the clothes.
  4. And stores selling men's clothing had a good month.
  5. The clothes Somers is wearing are borrowed, it turns out.
  6. It's difficult to find clothes in a sentence.
  7. Others questioned whether such elaborate clothes fit into the modern world.
  8. The kids'clothes must be kept outside in a dresser.
  9. "I couldn't afford new clothes or therapy.
  10. My mama made my clothes, and I always looked fine.
  11. Henri Bendel has a wide selection of satin clothing and accessories.
  12. But the clothes could not distract the buzz-stuck audience.
  13. Their clothes aren't supposed to be what people want.
  14. The women were arrested after they started taking their clothes off.
  15. Almost all the clothes were tailored by hand from reindeer skin.
  16. Her clothes were very tight, and she was quite buxom.
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