circumstance in a sentence

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  1. The answer is, under the circumstances, none at all.
  2. These coinciding circumstances led eventually to a momentous handshake in January.
  3. Most stories that begin under such circumstances have no happy ending.
  4. Negotiations are continuing, as they should be under the circumstances.
  5. Iran has sold its oil under more trying circumstances than this,
  6. It's difficult to find circumstance in a sentence.
  7. The police said they were investigating the circumstances surrounding the shooting.
  8. Under the circumstances, Chungchi Che is an extremely patient man.
  9. How much an investor allocates to stocks depends partly on circumstances.
  10. New circumstances justifying reopening or reconsideration might arise at any time.
  11. It was a career that circumstances did not require he pursue.
  12. We did it because of the circumstances we found ourselves in,
  13. Under normal circumstances, spring training would have lasted 44 days.
  14. She knows how the circumstances of farce overlap those of tragedy.
  15. Wright said the Federal Building had performed well under the circumstances.
  16. Prosperity transformed the economic circumstances of many black men and women.
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