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  1. Then his sexual relationship with Poppea decays into pomp and circumstance.
  2. His performance is sweetly gallant, especially under the nonsensical circumstances.
  3. The circumstances that led up to the shooting are not clear.
  4. Starr is also examining the circumstances surrounding the death of Foster.
  5. Jurors found a third special circumstance of oral copulation not true.
  6. It's difficult to find circumstance in a sentence.
  7. Nor would we have shot down their helicopter under comparable circumstances.
  8. Signing an unrestricted free agent would create a slightly different circumstance.
  9. Circumstances and the salary cap dictated the teams'personnel maneuvers.
  10. Under the right circumstances, innkeeping can even become downright glamorous.
  11. Great endings to championship games in the most dire of circumstances.
  12. Like Gingrich, Blaine was born in humble circumstances in Pennsylvania.
  13. Yet the peculiar circumstances of the Holocaust do make it unique.
  14. What would be an acceptable number, and under what circumstances?
  15. Or which spouse should withdraw from cases and in which circumstances.
  16. "I don't know the circumstances,"
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