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  1. So he switched to charter schools and converting public to private schools.
  2. Charter schools receive public money but are free from most state regulation.
  3. The subset of all public schools that are not public charter schools.
  4. Twenty students from a Houston charter school sat in desks behind her.
  5. There is also a number of charter schools in the area.
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  7. Charter schools in Texas are a tort case of civic malpractice.
  8. Chino Valley has two charter schools that operate in the town.
  9. Tyree has had a string of bad experiences with charter schools.
  10. Even advocates say elitism is a potential peril of charter schools.
  11. Interviews with dozens of charter school operators were fruitless as well.
  12. Charter schools were on the ballot in Washington state in 1996.
  13. The new report attracted immediate criticism from groups representing charter schools.
  14. And the creation of charter schools would require state legislative approval.
  15. A charter school cannot base admission on intellectual ability or achievement.
  16. He wants the Legislature to lift the cap on charter schools.
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