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  1. Signaling advances in at least some of those areas, allies are scheduled Thursday to sign " letters of intent " committing them to charter roll-on-roll-of ferries and other cargo ships to boost the alliances outreach ability.
  2. This system was modelled on that which Hubert Walter had introduced into the chancery, with separate registers for each archdeaconry, and registers, or rolls, for charters and memoranda, much like the Charter Roll or Memoranda Roll of the royal chancery.
  3. The place-name'Ilderton'is first attested in Charter Rolls of circa 1125 as " Ildretona ", and as " Hildreton " during the reign of elder town or settlement', the word'elder'referring to the tree of that name.
  4. The village appears as " Rode " in the Domesday Book, but the spelling was labile from an early date : it is " Roda " in assize rolls of 1201, " la Rode " in a charter roll of 1230; by the 18th century " Road " was regarded as the usual form.
  5. The Charter Rolls for the years 1199 to 1216 were published as abbreviated Latin texts ( in a near-facsimile of the manuscripts, employing a special " record type " typeface ) by the Record Commission in 1837, in a large Calendars ( summaries ) of the rolls from 1226 to 1516 were published in six volumes by the Public Record Office between 1903 and 1927.
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