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  1. Several minutes before, two missiles narrowly missed an Israeli charter plane departing from Mombasa's airport.
  2. A charter plane crashed Friday in southern New Zealand, killing eight people, emergency services said.
  3. Someone in the Chiefs'organization should hijack the Seahawks'charter plane.
  4. A charter plane carrying 10 people crashed Friday, killing at least seven, emergency services said.
  5. The teams were planning to travel to Libya on the same charter plane Saturday morning.
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  7. Texas A & amp; M officials said the school rotates between commercial and charter planes.
  8. A charter plane carrying Hillary Clinton used the airport during her presidential campaign in 2008.
  9. In 1980, he founded a charter plane company, Tausa, and started Aero Continente in 1992.
  10. The charter plane had flown to the wrong place.
  11. Several minutes beforehand, two missiles narrowly missed an Israeli charter plane departing from Mombasa's airport.
  12. Their charter plane from Dallas Sunday night had a flat tire and was delayed four hours.
  13. No private or charter planes may be used.
  14. The violence came after Tuesday's repatriation of 29 Cubans flown to Havana on a charter plane.
  15. The rally drew people from across the country, who came by charter plane and overnight bus.
  16. But the Forest Service had used its own inspectors and procedures because it often charters planes.
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