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  1. Limited seating is available on the Cardinals'charter plane to Dallas.
  2. Many countries complain that the unscheduled charter planes dump deportees on them without warning.
  3. The board controls financing, charters planes and handles the groups.
  4. U . S . Ambassador Aubrey Hooks said before boarding a private charter plane.
  5. In the majors, The charter plane is the usual method.
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  7. Murray sprinkled in Staples Center, the team's posh training facility and fancy charter plane.
  8. The board controls financing, charters planes and handles the horde.
  9. Fakete Rudi said Monday in New York before boarding a charter plane bound for Skopje.
  10. The charter plane waiting for the Indians at the airport never got off the ground.
  11. Now there are direct flights to Roatan from Miami; charter planes bring tourists from Europe.
  12. Easy, once getting the message, takes a charter plane straight to Maine to rescue Callie.
  13. About 2 a . m . Wednesday, the New York Knicks'charter plane landed in Detroit.
  14. We've got two buses and a charter plane to see the Nov . 14 game.
  15. But because the Forest Service often charters planes, it has its own inspectors and procedures.
  16. Oklahoma uses a charter plane that holds 40 to 50 passengers, as does Kansas State.
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