charter law in a sentence

  1. About 25 states have established charter laws that create public schools free from constraints such as union seniority rules and special-education mandates.
  2. This is often cited as a criticism : That the charter law passed in 1994 is too loose because it allows the movement to be too large.
  3. The state's lone elementary charter school in Cleveland, Miss ., is successful, despite low marks for the state's charter law, he said.
  4. Another Higley charter in Phoenix, Westland School, existed as a small family-oriented private school _ run by volunteers who charged minimal tuition _ before the charter law.
  5. In fact, the Center for Education Reform in Washington, D . C ., ranks Arizona first among 38 states with charter laws because of its deregulation and flexible approach.
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  7. While upholding the charter law, the justices ordered the state education commissioner to assess the racial and financial impact of a charter school's approval on the local school district.
  8. Signature by the Thai monarch, revered by his 60 million subjects, was to be quickly followed by publication in the official Royal Gazette, the formal step making the charter law.
  9. Delaware passed its charter law in 1995, and six of the state's major employers, including Du Pont and Bell Atlantic, joined forces to sponsor a school with high standards.
  10. No longer are traditional public schools a monopoly _ their charter-school siblings, who emerged nipping at their heels in 1995, charter law passed 94 are now major players in Arizona education.
  11. Mount Olive Township is governed under the Optional Municipal Charter Law's ( Faulkner Act ) Mayor-Council form of government ( Plan E ), enacted based on the recommendations of a Charter Study Commission.
  12. The 1897 and 1899 city charter laws applied only to areas with a population under 12, 000, and provided for a directly elected mayor, who served a two-year term and had strong executive powers.
  13. "Since the first charter law was passed in 1991, charter operators have struggled against tremendous financial odds to create a place where children can succeed and thrive academically, " said Jeanne Allen, president of CER.
  14. The state, the third to pass a charter law and the one with the most charter schools per capita, is an example of some of the forces that have created so much interest in the schools and some of the formidable obstacles they face.
  15. But it shares the same goals and speaks the same language as a political action committee that spent more than $ 100, 000, much of it raised by Wall Street businessmen, to prod lawmakers to vote for New York's charter law.
  16. The choice not to use the word'preventive'in the 2002 National Security Strategy, and instead use the word'preemptive'was largely in anticipation of the widely perceived illegality of preventive attacks in international law, via both Charter Law and Customary Law.
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