charter jet in a sentence

  1. Plans to install it on civilian airliners were prompted by an attack against an Israeli charter jet over Kenya in September 2002.
  2. A charter jet from Italy, for instance, landed in Mombasa with only 98 people when more than 200 had bought tickets.
  3. President Vladimir Putin and Russian officials have expressed fears that the Russian charter jet may have been brought down by a terrorist act.
  4. A weary Italian team clambered off their charter jet Wednesday following an overnight flight from Rome _ and a revelrous sendoff before that.
  5. Minutes earlier, anti-aircraft missiles were fired at an Israeli-owned charter jet as it took off from Mombasa airport.
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  7. They have rented the Space Needle and the QE2, and arranged mass pilgrimages to Bethlehem and time-zone hopping charter jet flights.
  8. Newspapers have reported that council spending included charter jet rentals, pool tournament fees, Miami Heat tickets and the purchase of a Lexus.
  9. He once traumatized his Detroit teammates by trying to pull the emergency-exit hatch of a charter jet at 30, 000 feet.
  10. The target market is those business travelers who rely on automobiles, as well as those who occasionally travel by train or charter jet.
  11. Marquette had arranged for a charter jet to take Schwab to Madison, Wis ., over the weekend if a donor was found.
  12. The Bern authorities had said earlier this week the returns would continue, but using scheduled flights, not charter jets . ( pw)
  13. A : It books flights and accommodations for White House employees traveling commercially and charters jets for the press corps accompanying the president on trips.
  14. Why, just the other day, members of this Christian pacifist sect were talking up big plans for their Gulfstream III executive charter jet.
  15. Hundreds greeted the Huskies'charter jet at Bradley Airport, with players wandering into the crowd to accept hugs and dispense high-fives.
  16. Flying commercial to Los Angeles, Mourning was met at the airport by a charter jet belonging to Micky Arison, the Miami Heat owner.
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