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  1. Most times, however, a charter city is founded by charter before large-scale development takes place.
  2. The range of what is considered a " charter city " may lead to definitional ambiguities.
  3. In Romer s conception, there are three main actors in the creation of a charter city.
  4. Thus, one benefit of charter cities is the freedom they offer in establishment of rules of governance.
  5. Piedmont became a charter city under the laws of the state of California on December 18, 1922.
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  7. City residents voted to become a charter city in a special municipal election on November 29, 2005.
  8. Piedmont became a charter city under the laws of the State of California on December 18, 1922.
  9. Wayzata became a charter city when people began considering it a suburb of the Minneapolis metropolitan area.
  10. Davao was inaugurated as a charter city on October 16, 1936 by President Manuel L . Quezon.
  11. It is a charter city, led by an elected mayor and a city council with six elected members.
  12. They were merged into one city on August 25, 1937, when the current Iloilo City inaugurated as a charter city.
  13. A charter city may have some exemptions from some state or provincial laws, which varies entirely for each particular region.
  14. More recently, the government of Honduras has considered creating a charter city, though without the oversight of a third-party government.
  15. On April 2, 2002, citizens of Sikeston voted to make Sikeston the 37th charter city in the state of Missouri.
  16. Colombo is a charter city, with a right leaning party, whose business friendly policies resonate with the population of Colombo.
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