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  • [Architecture]

    The temperature at which the thermal transmission loss to the outside of a building equals the heat gain in the interior, so that cooling or heating is not required.


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  1. When Enfield Yard was closed for redevelopment in the mid-1990s, the sidings became a locomotive changeover point for freight trains.
  2. The station is also still used by special trains and steam-hauled railway tours as a water stop and traction changeover point.
  3. The railway wheels were wood laminate; a wooden ramp was provided at the changeover point and the driver steered so as to descend on to the rails.
  4. Rugby Central was roughly midway along the Great Central Main Line ( GCML ) and was a stopping point for express services as well as a changeover point for local services.
  5. The changeover point depends on the precise aerodynamics of your vehicle, but it usually occurs somewhere around typical highway speeds .-- talk ) 23 : 17, 10 June 2014 ( UTC)

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