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  1. He was taken captive by Indians at age nine, and taken to Concord Township, Champaign county.
  2. In 1879, Mathews purchased the Champaign County Herald.
  3. Schweighart's statement led to a call for his resignation from Champaign County board member Al Kurtz.
  4. Jakobsson began her public career in 1984, when she was elected Champaign County Recorder of Deeds.
  5. "' University of Illinois Willard Airport "'is south of Savoy in Tolono Township, Champaign County, Illinois.
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  7. Champaign County's earliest Catholics were Irish immigrants, who came to the county seat of Marysville in 1872.
  8. Thomas, for instance, belongs to the genealogy society of Champaign County, where many of his ancestors lived.
  9. John Russell was from Champaign County, Ohio.
  10. Champaign County comprises the Urbana, OH Micropolitan Statistical Area, which is also included in the Combined Statistical Area.
  11. The city's Champaign County Colts were a founding member of the Central Illinois Collegiate League from 1963 1964.
  12. The topography of Champaign County was formed by the Wisconsin Glacier about 20, 000 years before the present.
  13. As the city engineer, he designed the Champaign County Courthouse, which brought him local recognition for the first time.
  14. The Milbrandts'daughter, who is now 8, has been placed in a foster home, said Champaign County Prosecutor Nick Selvaggio.
  15. Bridgeford was in custody Wednesday night in the Champaign County Jail on preliminary charges of homicide and attempted homicide.
  16. Trending more southeasterly at this point, SR 55 arrives at a T-intersection that marks the northern terminus of Champaign County.
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