chambre meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "chambre" in a sentence
  • 尚布尔
  • 尚布雷


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  1. " i never speak to his excellency , " replied the conci rge ; " the valet de chambre will carry your message .
    “我是不能和大人说话的, ”门房答道, “你的意思可以由贴身跟班代为转达。 ”
  2. So i went to danglars , who would not even receive me . i called on fernand , who sent me a hundred francs by his valet - de - chambre .
    我又去拜访弗尔南多,他只派他的贴身仆人送了我一百法郎。 ”
  3. " sir , " said the valet de chambre , entering the room , " a dragoon has brought this despatch from the minister of the interior .
    “老爷, ”跟班走进房间里来说, “内政部的一个骑兵送来了这封信。 ”
  4. " i presume you have given orders to your valet de chambre to put in all you are likely to need , - your plain clothes and your uniform
  5. He was disagreeably surprised to see his own valet de chambre , whom he had not brought , that he might not inconvenience monte cristo

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