chambre meaning in Chinese

Pronunciation:   "chambre" in a sentence
  • 尚布尔
  • 尚布雷


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  1. " the young man is here , " said the valet de chambre in the same tone
    “那个青年来了。 ”贴身跟班也低声说道。
  2. One morning albert was awakened by his valet de chambre , who announced beauchamp
  3. Rge went to seek the valet de chambre , and returned with him in an instant
  4. The valet de chambre had received orders to usher him in at once . beauchamp was in his bath
  5. " he is , " said monte cristo ; " when the valet de chambre came in just now , he told me of his arrival .
    “他来了, ”基督山说道, “刚才我的贴身跟班进来的时候,他告诉我他已经来了。 ”

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