chambers in a sentence

  1. Chamber volunteers are trying to find temporary facilities for the businesses.
  2. Ito announced after meeting with attorneys for 90 minutes in chambers.
  3. Chambers : I'm probably a little bit more optimistic.
  4. The compromise budget plan must again be approved by both chambers.
  5. Chambers shares rose 1 / 16 to 6 1 / 4.
  6. It's difficult to find chambers in a sentence.
  7. Two separate U . S . business chambers have been formed.
  8. Marcia Chambers'book is filled with incredible tales of inequality.
  9. Its telephone-booth-size cabin was a torture chamber.
  10. Chambers calls, her stern voice belied by a big smile.
  11. Calling the report a " star chamber effort,"
  12. The two chambers'defense bills differ on other weapons programs.
  13. In the chamber, Jeffers will be restrained on a gurney.
  14. Instead, beginning in 1813, it served as court chambers.
  15. But today a Chamber of Commerce brochure gives Lizzie top billing.
  16. Wells Fargo had no comment on the Chamber of Commerce letter.
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