chamberpot in a sentence

  1. Richard Ellmann reports ( from a 1949 conversation with Eva Joyce ) that the chamberpot connotation has its origin in a visit he made, accompanied by Oliver Gogarty, to a young widow named Jenny in May 1904.
  2. The two were not on speaking terms by the end of the voyage, but Manning had the last word : when Mrs . Edwards later opened her hatbox she found that Manning had crushed the hats with a chamberpot.
  3. But in both rooms, comfort still reigns, with a muslin dress laid out on one of the beds, a monkey bell pull rotating slowly in the warmth from the fire by the other, and a towel discreetly covering the chamberpot.
  4. Out on armoured patrol a chamberpot is emptied over the soldiers; then at the base several of Len's men are shot, some of them in the back while they are hosing down the vehicles, in a raid by Jewish militants.
  5. Before going to sleep, Salad Fingers sings " Three in the Bed, " and instructs Hubert Cumberdale to " roll over "; as a result, the finger puppet is sent off the bed into a bowl of a filthy, brown substance ( likely a chamberpot ).
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  7. The bawdiness of " Ryder "'s illustrations led the U . S . Postal Service to refuse to ship it, and several had to be left out of the first edition, including an image in which Sophia is seen urinating into a chamberpot and one in which Amelia and Kate-Careless sit by the fire knitting codpieces.
  8. Among the highlights were a fragment of Thoreau's cabin at Walden, Samuel Johnson's door-knocker, a rose said to have been kissed by Lord Byron, another one that was kissed by Liszt, Benny Goodman's glasses, Eugene O'Neill's cigarette case, Goethe's quills, James Fenimore Cooper's shaving razor and a chamberpot used by Franklin D . Roosevelt.
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