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  1. Of those, a small fraction would be immortal stem cells.
  2. The brain is a major target organ for sickle cell disease,
  3. Fun in the sun instead of an eight-man cell.
  4. Precancerous cells in my cervix were lasered away quickly and completely.
  5. Much depends on they type of tumor cells, says Ross.
  6. It's difficult to find cell in a sentence.
  7. "These are fastidious cells, " she said.
  8. They should have injected themselves with cancer cells that very day.
  9. Marik called Lee's cell phone repeatedly with no response.
  10. Squamous cell carcinoma is also 95 percent curable if treated early.
  11. _Square-footage of Simpson's jail cell : 54
  12. When Simpson held up his cell phone, the drivers fled.
  13. Once safe in the cell cytoplasm, the pathogen begins replicating.
  14. Unable to replicate themselves, Taxol-treated cancer cells die.
  15. I could be sharing a cell with Harry Wu right now.
  16. Each cell contains a photograph and description of a political prisoner.
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