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  1. Mitochondria are parts of a cell that produce energy through respiration.
  2. Otherwise the weaker cells will draw power from the stronger ones.
  3. It is adopting cell manufacturing at several of its 46 plants.
  4. The effect of cells on productivity seems to be equally encouraging.
  5. Donald Spitz bayed into a megaphone outside Salvi's cell.
  6. It's difficult to find cell in a sentence.
  7. Changing the laws would in time empty thousands of prison cells.
  8. And even if cells fire synchronously, which cells are they?
  9. And even if cells fire synchronously, which cells are they?
  10. Enough skin cells flake off to provide a usable DNA sample.
  11. He decorated his cell with autopsy pictures of the dead woman.
  12. Other scientists have grown nerve cells from the brains of fetuses.
  13. Olanow and his colleagues offered the man a fetal cell implant.
  14. By taking progestin with estrogen, postmenopausal women avoided cell overgrowth.
  15. Since then, they have met with McVeigh in his cell.
  16. Celtics fans are snappy dressers who carry cell phones and beepers.
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