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  1. It is involved with cell-to-cell communication and migration of neurons, and causes the activation of Dab1.
  2. All of these changes that actin brings about leads to the formation of new synapses as well as increased cell communication.
  3. Cell-cell communication or quorum sensing has been shown to be involved in the formation of biofilm in several bacterial species.
  4. Slits mediate cell communication in many diverse systems, regulating the guidance, cell migration and polarization of many different cell types.
  5. Out fell some 11, 000 genes, the working parts of the body's cell-to-cell communications system.
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  7. The essential function of the brain is cell-to-cell communication, and synapses are the points at which communication occurs.
  8. As myxozoans evolved into microscopic parasites, they lost many genes responsible for multicellular development, coordination, and cell-cell communication.
  9. However, the microcolony formation can be specifically induced in the presence of predators by cell-cell communication ( quorum sensing ).
  10. Nat Rev Microbiol 6, 466-76 ( 2008 ) . the archaellum also mediates surface attachment and cell-cell communication.
  11. Accumulating scar tissue slows the transmission of nerve impulses and interrupts cell communication, leading to episodes of paralysis, tremors and blurry vision.
  12. The IFR on Cell Communication & Regulation on the " Cordeliers " campus specializes in the field of cell biology, nutrition and immunology.
  13. For multicellularity to occur, cells need to be capable of self-replication, cell-cell adhesion and cell-cell communication.
  14. The sugars that coat a cell play vital roles in cell communication, cell structure and cell identification _ a sort of molecular ZIP code.
  15. On T FH cells, CD154 promotes B cell maturation and function by engaging CD40 on the B cell surface and therefore facilitating cell-cell communication.
  16. Loss or absence of these chemicals, as in Alzheimer's Disease, disrupts cell-to-cell communication and can interfere with normal brain function.
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