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  1. Sarin is a nerve agent that disrupts nerve cell communication.
  2. These data highlight the importance of GFAP for cell-cell communication.
  3. It may play a role in cell-to-cell communication.
  4. This is not a scientifically recognized method of cell communication.
  5. This mechanism would eventually be used for cell-cell communication in animals
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  7. Some cell cell communication requires direct cell cell contact.
  8. Li speculates that EMF spikes could cause miscarriages by subtly disrupting cell-to-cell communication.
  9. In June 2012, " Cell Communication and Signaling " received its first impact factor.
  10. N-acyl amides are primarily involved in cell-to-cell communication in biological systems.
  11. But in Charlotte County, " cell communication still presents somewhat of a problem, " Swank said.
  12. Accomplishing such intricate cooperative ventures requires sophisticated cell-cell communication including semantic and pragmatic aspects of linguistics.
  13. The Notch signaling pathway plays an important role in cell-cell communication, and further regulates embryonic development.
  14. The cell membrane, being exposed to the outside environment, is an important site of cell cell communication.
  15. Therefore, it is implied that there are multiple factors working together influencing cell-to-cell communication.
  16. This 15-gene operon is responsible for the cell-cell and cell-surface interactions required for cell communication.
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