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  1. Mood accounted for part of the increase in T-cells and none of the increase in natural killer cell activity.
  2. At Canberra, Sir John used minuscule glass tubes inserted into nerve cells of animals to observe nerve cell activity.
  3. Zigra grows larger and larger, and finally halts the heroic turtle with a ray that suspends its cell activity.
  4. His measurements of the expansion and shrinkage of cell surfaces made possible the quantititive study of this ephemeral cell activity.
  5. For example, a decrease in NK cell activity can be reversed both in vitro and in vivo by supplementing zinc.
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  7. This assay measures the release of ( biological ) radioactive chromium from cells as a result of killer cell activity.
  8. These proteins occupy the cleft on antigen-presenting cells in such a way that T-cell activity is suppressed rather than activated.
  9. Individuals with the congenital form of this condition show complete absence of cone cell activity via electroretinography at high light levels.
  10. Halevy et al . ( 2000 ) showed that the length and timing of fasting post hatch affects satellite cell activity.
  11. In the beginning, blood tests revealed that all of the students had comparable levels of T-cells and natural killer cell activity.
  12. Snyder believes that neural stem cell activity may be quite high in normal adult brains and even higher in diseased brains.
  13. Both Biogen's and Chiron's drugs are a genetically engineered version of interferon, a naturally occurring protein that enhances immune cell activities.
  14. Witte's research has contributed to the understanding of human leukemias, immune disorders and stem cell activity in cancers of the epithelium.
  15. Very often there is also impaired natural killer cell activity, absent delayed-type hypersensitivity and a poor cell proliferation response to antigenic challenge.
  16. The role of leptin / leptin receptors in modulation of T cell activity in the immune system was shown in experimentation with mice.
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