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  • 细胞活动
  • cell:    n. 1.小室,单室;隔间,舱;〔诗 ...
  • activity:    n. 1.活动;活跃;动作;活动力; ...
  • helper cell activity:    协助细胞活性; 协助者细胞活性
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  1. Output of high - purity yellow light matches the peak optical absorption with vascular and improves microcirculation safety and effectively under none - thermal effect , regulating cells activity , effectively improve the skin problems by the years
  2. Mixed lymphocy te culture and determination of tendon cell activity suggested that the antige nicity of dgua - cultured and cryopreserved tendons was significantly attenuated and the cultured and cryopreserved tendons were viable
  3. The total protein content , total dna content and cell activity test results showed high proliferation ability and cell activity of the osteoblast in modified pdl - la scaffold . it also showed good cell affinity to the modified pdl - la scaffold investigated by sem test
    成骨细胞在原位自修饰聚乳酸三维支架内的蛋白质含量、 dna含量和细胞活性测试结果表明,成骨细胞在原位自修饰的聚乳酸三维支架内有较高的细胞活性和较强的分裂增殖能力。
  4. Effects of different concentration of bfgf treatment on u 2 - os cell growth . as the concentration of bfgf increases , trypan blue exclusion method shows that percent of dead u 2 - os cells increases accordingly and mtt colorimetric method shows that u 2 - os cell activity decreases . 2
    不同浓度bfgf对u2 os细胞生长情况的影响:随着bfgf作用浓度的增加,台盼兰排除法显示u2帖细胞死亡百分比逐渐增加抓’ it比色法显示u2 os细胞活力逐渐降呵。
  5. Led is originated from the united states department of space research . researchers observed how to use the different optical radiation to affect cell activities , and stimulate a specifically metabolism , similar to plantphotosynthesis whereby plants use chlorophyll to convert sunlight into cellular building blocks

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