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  1. Therapeutic doses used for acne treatment have been shown to disrupt cephalic neural cell activity.
  2. Is there any cell activity during that time?
  3. Somatosensory inputs inhibit type IV cell activity, possibly silencing their activity during head and pinna movements.
  4. Anti-TNF compounds help eliminate abnormal B cell activity.
  5. ACTH would prompt her adrenal glands to produce steroids, and steroids help rein in immune-cell activity.
  6. It's difficult to find cell activity in a sentence.
  7. It combines precise images of the body's organs from MRI with metabolic cell activity from PET.
  8. The inflammatory phase involves increased white blood cell activity, removing bacteria and debris from the wound.
  9. GABA produces its normal inhibitory effects on cell activity by reducing a neuron s firing rate.
  10. "In previous studies, researchers developed a neurochip that could directly stimulate and record brain cell activity.
  11. Some tests also measure cellular responses, such as the Mantoux test, which depends on T cell activity.
  12. HB-EGF is recognized as an important component for the modulation of cell activity in various biological interactions.
  13. The drug targeted an immune checkpoint called CTLA-4, known as a key negative regulator of T cell activity.
  14. Pancreatic beta cells are responsible for making insulin; decreased beta cell activity is associated with DM2 in adulthood.
  15. Cincinnati is also looking at the role of insulin, the hormone that controls blood sugar, in brain cell activity.
  16. Cimetidine was reported to be effective because of its depressing mitogen-induced lymphocyte proliferation and regulatory T cell activity features.
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