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  • 细胞活动
  • cell:    n. 1.小室,单室;隔间,舱;〔诗 ...
  • activity:    n. 1.活动;活跃;动作;活动力; ...
  • helper cell activity:    协助细胞活性; 协助者细胞活性
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  1. The total protein content and cell activity test results showed high proliferation ability and cell activity of the chondrocyte in modified pdl - la scaffold
  2. Each time the tests were administered , blood samples were collected to assess natural killer cell activity and number of circulating lymphocyte subsets , indicators of immune system function
  3. Output of high - purity red light effectively strengthens the collagen of the skin cells activity , lessens pore , softens skin wrinkles and increases skin elasticity . removes the dermal patches , freckles and chloasma . treat
  4. Traditional nutritional protein markers ( albumin , transferrin and prealbumin ) , immunoglobulin , t - lym - phocyte subsets , pha - stimulated lymphocyte proliferation , natural killer cell activity and nitrogen balance were measured before and after nutritional support
  5. The aim of these treatments are to enhance the immune system , stimulate circulatory process including lymph and blood circulation , accelerate cell activity , dilating tissue and vessels activating the self healing potential naturally

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