cecil collins in a sentence

  1. The Dolphins didn't just look at tape of Cecil Collins playing football or examine a pile of his workout statistics.
  2. When Riddick Bowe beat him in 1992, his first defeat in eight years, a painful flashback to Cecil Collins ensued.
  3. But the most talented member of the draft trio, Cecil Collins, was ineligible to play because of a sprained ankle.
  4. Hussey left Northampton to become John Piper, Geoffrey Clarke, Cecil Collins, Ceri Richards, William Walton and Marc Chagall.
  5. So who would you rather have baby-sitting your kids, Wayne Gretzky or Cecil Collins, a . k . a.
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  7. Northern scooped it up, escaped the grasp of Miami's Cecil Collins and then ran untouched 59 yards for a touchdown.
  8. Another NFL player in trouble with the law is Cecil Collins, then of Miami, who was charged in December with burglary.
  9. After 15 months in jail and numerous delays, former Miami Dolphins running back Cecil Collins is going to trial on burglary charges.
  10. Cecil Collins, the SEC's leading rusher, broke his leg in the second quarter, but Kevin Faulk had 135 yards.
  11. A jury will hear the confession of former Miami Dolphins running back Cecil Collins to burglarizing his neighbor's apartment in December 1999.
  12. Former Miami Dolphins running back Cecil Collins was convicted Tuesday of burglary for sneaking through a neighbor's window to watch her sleep.
  13. He also composed music for the film " The Eye of the Heart ", a biography of the artist Cecil Collins.
  14. They looked at the x-rays Saturday night, saw a crack in Cecil Collins'right ankle and prepared for a major setback.
  15. Miami Dolphins running back Cecil Collins was charged with fondling women in two separate incidents, and his probation was revoked in his native Louisiana.
  16. In his opening comments, Johnson said running back Cecil Collins, center Tim Ruddy, cornerback Sam Madison and linebacker Zach Thomas played well.
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