cecil collins in a sentence

  1. _Dolphins running back Cecil Collins was arrested for breaking into a neighbor's apartment.
  2. Cecil Collins, LSU's leading rusher, broke his leg in the second quarter.
  3. Cecil Collins, the summer sensation with the dangerous past, hasn't even suited up.
  4. Huard found Tony Martin for 16 yards on first down, then Cecil Collins burst for 12 more.
  5. But the most talented member of the draft trio, Cecil Collins, stayed glued to the bench.
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  7. LSU lost RB Cecil Collins, who had All-America potential, after his arrest on assault charges.
  8. Running back Cecil Collins didn't play for the Dolphins the last six weeks because he was injured.
  9. Because of notorious players like Rae Carruth and Cecil Collins, the timing couldn't have been better.
  10. _Kevin Faulk, RB, LSU : With Cecil Collins gone, Faulk will have to carry the load.
  11. In Miami, running back Cecil Collins was arrested for burglary after he broke into a couple's apartment.
  12. The Dolphins'Cecil Collins, in his latest brush with the law, was charged for breaking and entering.
  13. A month ago, All-SEC candidate Cecil Collins was kicked off the team after a brush with the law.
  14. Now, Dolphins rookie running back Cecil Collins has hurt his back in a photo shoot sponsored by the NFL Players Association.
  15. Miami running back Cecil Collins allegedly broke into his neighbors'home _ after trying to date his neighbor's wife.
  16. Miami rookie running back Cecil Collins, who was on probation, was charged with two counts of burglary of a dwelling.
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