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  1. On 31 August 1931, Sir Cecil Clementi, then Governor of the Straits Settlements, announced that Kallang Basin would be the location for the new civil aerodrome suitable for land planes and seaplanes, and relieving Seletar of commercial flight activities.
  2. In 1928, the building was returned to King's College, which was officially opened by the Governor, H . E . Sir Cecil Clementi, K . C . M . G ., LL . D ., M . A . on 5 March.
  3. On the occasion of his knighthood, Sir Cecil Clementi, the Governor of Hong Kong, congratulated him at a meeting of the Legislative Council commenting that the award had " been won by distinguished merit, painstaking industry, sterling worth of character and very loyal and devoted services to Hong Kong"
  4. According to Carre駉 " et al . " ( 2002 ), the oldest biblio-cartographic reference to the mountain is likely that of Marie Penelope Rose Clementi ( wife of Cecil Clementi ), " circa " 1920, who recounted how its location was determined with a prismatic compass during an English expedition of 1915.
  5. Sir Cecil Clementi, who served as the Governor of the Straits Settlements as well as the High Commissioner of the Malay States from 1930 to 1934, remarked in December 1932 that Sultan Ibrahim was too independent in state affairs and proposed to the Sultan that he should approach Clementi in future under the capacity of the High Commissioner instead of the Straits Governor.
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