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    55-kD Glycoproteins originally defined as differentiation antigens on T-lymphocytes,but also found on other cells including monocytes/macrophages. CD4 antigens are members of the immunoglobulin supergene family and are implicated as associative recognition elements in MHC (Major Histocompatibility Complex) Class II-restricted immune responses. On T-lymphocytes they define the helper/inducer subset. CD4 antigens also serve as HIV receptors,binding directly to the envelope protein gp120 on HIV.
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  1. Of the three MHC classes identified, attention commonly focuses on classes I and II . By interacting with CD4 molecules on surfaces of helper T cells, MHC class II mediates establishment of specific immunity ( also called acquired immunity or adaptive immunity ).
  2. When a naive helper T cell's CD4 molecule docks to an APC's MHC class II molecule, its TCR can meet and be imprinted by the epitope coupled within the MHC class II . This event primes the naive helper T cell.

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