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  • 孔蚀现象;穴蚀现象
  • 穴蚀现象
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  1. This paper present an ideal and calculation method of the effective operating curve where cavitations characteristic is not change . based on the lifting - line and lifting - surface method , using effective operating curve to control the cavitation type and " new section " design method to extend the width of cavitation bucket . the width will almost increase 30 % than the common section
  2. In order to increase the energy dissipation of stepped spillway at iarge unit discharge , the integhty dissipater of aerated splitter pier and steppe characteristics is studied . because of verticaj diffhaion now by aerated splitter and impachng steppe 3 by drop flow , the air concentration and the energy dissipation efficiency are greatly increased ; the potentiality of cavitations is decrease . in special at large unit discharge , this effect is more obvious
  3. The numerical simulation and experimental research made on the characteristics of the clearance cavitations in kaplan turbine are described herein ; in which the analysis mainly is concentrated on the characteristics of leakage - vortex caused by the flow of the clearance between blade tip and blade chamber , that occurs at the front - pressure side of the blade , and the intensity of the secondary - flow - vortex ; furthermore , the relationship in between the leakage - vortex , secondary flow vortex , cavitations and erosion are analyzed as well

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