cattails in a sentence

"cattails" in Chinese  
  1. Wild foods were gathered, such as acorns, cattails, and berries.
  2. Threats to the four populations include the encroachment of cattails into the waterways.
  3. Cattails and Marsh areas along with Prairies are common.
  4. At the far south of the park is a large glade of cattails.
  5. There are also cattails and alders in the southern part of the wetland.
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  7. The pond is presently overgrown with " Phragmites " and cattails.
  8. Protein-rich cattail stalks taste like corn.
  9. Cattails can get in ears and other orifices, causing discomfort and even death.
  10. I tried digging out the cattails with a pitchfork, but the pitchfork bent.
  11. Phosphorus disrupts the Everglades by killing important algae and causing a spread of cattails.
  12. There were passages on solar power, wind power, and even cattail fuel.
  13. The same year cattails were discovered overtaking sawgrass marshes in Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge.
  14. Their breeding habitat is marshes with tall vegetation such as cattails across North America.
  15. Along the edge of Alder Pond, a cattail marsh provides good wildlife habitat.
  16. Such marshes are mainly dominated by cattails, grasses, rushes, and sedges.
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