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  1. Betting that consumers eventually will be sold on the idea of electronic cash stored on a plastic card, MasterCard International said Monday it will buy 51 percent of Mondex International.
  2. There, one group split off to look for a phone, while Daniels, Morrisroe, Sales, and another young woman, Joyce Bailey, headed to the nearby Cash Store to buy sodas for the group.
  3. Aslan was charged with taking bribes by the prosecutors while the police are said to reportedly have found US $ 4.5 million in cash stored in shoe boxes in Aslan s home.
  4. Eight of the rooms are located above the Davenport Cash Store, and they share a veranda with fetching but slightly obstructed ocean views, and a bit of road noise from Highway 1.
  5. The "'Jones Cash Store "'was a mail order catalog business established by Portland, Oregon, entrepreneur Henry J . Ottenheimer in 1882, and is a building listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
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  7. Mujahid said in a recent interview, though, that the Taliban's leaders do not have cash stored abroad and that the sanctions would hurt only Afghan traders and other middle-class citizens who use the airline.
  8. Daniels with three others a white Catholic priest and two black female activists walked to buy a cold soft drink at nearby Varner's Cash Store, one of the few local places to serve non-whites.
  9. A local grocery store chain, the White Stores, opened a store on the Square in 1927, and regional grocer Cas Walker opened one of his cash stores on the Square in the early 1940s.
  10. Ontarians who took out payday loans from now-defunct Cash Store or Instaloans can file claims to recover fees and interest if they file their claims by October 31, 2016 to the $ 10 million class-action settlement.
  11. The building remained a burned shell until February 1978, when Bruce and Marcia McDougal, founders of Big Creek Pottery, renovated the building as a production pottery studio and graduate pottery school called the New Davenport Cash Store.
  12. Jasnowski also testified that FBI agents found 30 firearms at Nichols'home, along with about 60 gold and silver coins, and $ 10, 000 in cash stored in beneath a mattress and in a bag in a bedroom closet.
  13. Indeed, most experts agree that home equity borrowing _ with its Internal Revenue Service imprimatur, relatively low interest rate and long repayment schedule _ makes sense for homeowners who need the cash stored as equity in their homes.
  14. He was owner of the Annona Cash Store; Editor of the " Clarksville Times "; Owner and Editor of the " Annona News Weekly "; and District Manager for the " Dallas Morning News " for Northeast Texas.
  15. After his death in 1970, the executor of Powell's will found $ 750, 000 ( $ } } in present-day terms ) in cash stored in shoeboxes, briefcases, and strongboxes in Powell's suite, room 546 of the hotel.
  16. It is also known as Ernest Reid ( draper ), John Evan's Cash Draper, George Logan Draper, Johns & Co Draper, People's Cash Store ( grocers ), JR Blane ( grocer & hardware merchant ), and Moreton Rubber Works.
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