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  1. Photographic evidence indicates that the building was divided into two; one half occupied by Overells and the other half by Ford's Cash Store.
  2. In 1924, he returned to East Tennessee where he established the first Cas Walker's Cash Store in Knoxville with money he had saved.
  3. In 1982, the McDougals shut down their pottery studio and transformed that part of the New Cash Store into a bed and breakfast.
  4. In one corner, find the Old Palmer Cash Store display, with weathered oak showcases, Boston Krakajak Coffee crates and a bulky metal safe.
  5. With headquarters in Lubbock, Texas, its roots go back to 1916, when H . D . Snell opened his first United Cash Store in Sayre, Oklahoma.
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  7. Some bankers peer into the future and see an era of the " smart card, " an electronic form of cash stored on a computer chip.
  8. A company man for five decades, Reynolds began working as a clerk for the giant grocery chain's predecessor, Skaggs Cash Stores, during his high school years.
  9. In February 2013 the province is attempting to revoke the licence of Edmonton-based Cash Store to operate in the province due to violations of the Act.
  10. Founded in 1930 as " Wilkinson Cash Stores " by James Kemsey Wilkinson in Leicester, the company has remained largely in the hands of the founding family.
  11. Thomas died in 1911, but his Company continued to operate a branch of the People's Cash Store from James Heaslop's Woollongabba Fiveways building until the early 1920s.
  12. The site contained the ruin of the Davenport Cash Store, which supplied workers at the nearby cement plant, dating back to 1904, with everything from gingham to gunpowder.
  13. Branches of J & T Heaslop's People's Cash Store were opened in each of these centres, and their building at 10-14 Logan Road, Woolloongabba, dominated the Fiveways commercial district.
  14. Before moving to a larger, more prominent location, the Jones Cash Store operated out of a building at 80 and 82 Front Street in the downtown area of Portland.
  15. Betting that consumers soon will be sold on the idea of electronic cash stored on a plastic card, MasterCard International said Monday it will buy 51 percent of Mondex International.
  16. Davenport has three restaurants, two art galleries, a store, a post office, the Davenport Cash Store, and an elementary school-Pacific School, the only school in the Pacific Elementary School District.
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