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  1. Fuel just ended up getting the best of them . . . . They just got caught in a cash squeeze,
  2. "Most of the OPEC countries are in a cash squeeze, " said Peter Bogin of Cambridge Energy Research Associates in Paris.
  3. To ease its cash squeeze, France Telecom cut off financing for its money-losing German wireless affiliate, MobilCom, just after Bon resigned.
  4. The cash squeeze could not only put pressure on Brazil's current account deficit but spark another flood of foreign investment outflows.
  5. Separately, Standard & Poor's said on Wednesday that many power producers might face a cash squeeze if their credit ratings dropped further.
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  7. British Energy has suffered a cash squeeze due to a sharp drop in electricity prices and technical problems at its power stations.
  8. Shares in the beleaguered Swiss-Swedish industry group ABB Ltd . dropped sharply Friday amid fears that the company faces a cash squeeze.
  9. The schools, which have minuscule endowments by American standards, are facing a cash squeeze as cost-conscious governments stem the flow of subsidies.
  10. The result is a cycle in which bad news begets a faster rush for the exits, which in turn worsens Korea's cash squeeze.
  11. Higher deposits would help ease a cash squeeze in the financial system which has caused a number of banks difficulties in meeting commitments.
  12. Separately, Standard & AMP; Poor's said on Wednesday that many power producers might face a cash squeeze if their credit ratings dropped further.
  13. Tyco faces management turmoil and a potential cash squeeze next year, even taking into account the CIT offering, Moody's said in its report.
  14. That should give Mexico a cushion to pay off its short-term bondholders and then issue longer-term securities that will ease its cash squeeze.
  15. Moreover, if a company runs into a cash squeeze, cutting back on its share repurchases is far less obvious than reducing its dividend.
  16. Civil servants are already feeling the cash squeeze _ salary increases promised to teachers, the police and health workers have not been implemented.
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