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  1. For companies with big-ticket products ready to roll, the Asian cash squeeze doesn't have a silver lining.
  2. To relieve a cash squeeze, Vivendi turned to other assets that it could dispose of more quickly.
  3. A cash squeeze on local government means that many state-sector workers are again getting their wages late.
  4. Increased expenses for staffing and software development were the primary causes for the cash squeeze, Rosenberg said.
  5. The cash squeeze left Mercury unable to repay maturing loans, putting all of its debt into default.
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  7. "Everyone's facing a major cash squeeze ."
  8. "The situation Nissan is facing at this point would not necessarily imply a cash squeeze, " he said.
  9. "They don't have a cash squeeze.
  10. Failing to raise money by selling or spinning off CIT could put Tyco in a severe cash squeeze.
  11. Conversation centered on the cash squeeze gripping the media industry and the new scrutiny of its accounting techniques.
  12. Such an environment could also lead to lower-than-forecast returns in the company's huge pension funds and a cash squeeze.
  13. While that might help the company in the long run, that could exacerbate the current cash squeeze, investors said.
  14. Though Turkey's overall debt burden is moderate, its banks could face a serious cash squeeze without continued foreign credits.
  15. The company's financial statements show evidence of a cash squeeze early last year even as Enron was reporting growing profits.
  16. For now, QXL, which is Europe's version of eBay, dispelled any worries that it might be facing a cash squeeze.
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