casemate meaning

Pronunciation:   "casemate" in a sentence
  • Noun: casemate  'keys`meyt
    1. A fortified chamber in which cannon may be placed to be fired through embrasures; or one capable of being used as a magazine, or for quartering troops

    Derived forms: casemates

    Encyclopedia: Casemate

  • [Architecture]

    A vault or chamber in a bastion, having openings for the firing of weapons.


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  1. The casemate guns were protected by 160 180 mm thick armor plating.
  2. Fortifications included a casemate wall and a four-room city gate.
  3. Inside the casemate, the guns were housed in one continuous deck.
  4. The upper section of the casemate had thinner armor, at thick.
  5. The casemate guns were protected with 140 mm of armor.

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