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  1. It turned out that the machines were inexpensive, but they required costly care and maintenance.
  2. Its constant care and maintenance under the watchful eye of conservators is, however, extremely costly.
  3. Over the years due to lack of care and maintenance the statue fell into disrepair.
  4. Declining ore grades at some mines can also be a reason for care and maintenance announcements.
  5. In 1944 the tower was reduced to care and maintenance status before being decommissioned in 1956.
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  7. For some time it was placed in a care and maintenance situation but was finally dismantled.
  8. In a potential combat zone, troops need medical care and maintenance facilities and other support services.
  9. Since then, the commission has provided the care and maintenance of the residence and surrounding gardens.
  10. The castle was placed on a " care and maintenance " footing, with a skeleton garrison.
  11. It is now under the care and maintenance of Sri Sri Dadhivamana Sundaresvara Mahadeva Trust Board.
  12. Brett Vickers turned over care and maintenance of the TalkOrigins Archive to him late in 2001.
  13. The mine is currently in care and maintenance.
  14. These guidelines are to ensure that wonderful care and maintenance of accredited facilities is rigidly maintained.
  15. HOUSTON _ Q : Could you give information on the care and maintenance of Bermuda grass?
  16. Cuffs, fabrics, care and maintenance are included.
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