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  1. The project was then placed on care and maintenance due to declining gold prices.
  2. It was then put on a Care and Maintenance status.
  3. Fabric awnings do require some care and maintenance to keep them clean and sound.
  4. In the past, we've toured sites that deal with care and maintenance for computers.
  5. In December 1945 " Tanatside " was reduced to care and maintenance at Malta.
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  7. The mine was initially placed on care and maintenance but has now been abandoned.
  8. The Signals Unit at Gailes was disbanded and the station placed on care and maintenance.
  9. The Coeur Mine operated until mid-1998 when the property was placed on care and maintenance.
  10. In October 2008, operations were suspended and the plant was placed on care and maintenance.
  11. That September " Ithuriel " was placed in Care and maintenance for use at Gibraltar.
  12. It was placed into RAF care and maintenance status and remained unused until January 1957.
  13. Meanwhile, the mine was closed and placed in a " care and maintenance " program.
  14. The station was mothballed and placed on a care and maintenance basis between the wars.
  15. In 2014, both operating coal mines were put into " care and maintenance mode ".
  16. Yeelirrie was placed in care and maintenance and once more used as a sheep station.
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