care and love in a sentence

"care and love" in Chinese  
  1. It is beyond their comprehension that a parent who truly cares and loves them cannot discover their whereabouts.
  2. Then, he said, Americans must immediately take action to give better care and loving attention to their children.
  3. It is also an expression of care and love, a reminder of ethical principles of the Hindu traditions.
  4. He is very caring and loving.
  5. Most of Guy's books are about the dependability of family members and friends who care and love each other.
  6. It's difficult to find care and love in a sentence.
  7. Since October 1994, it has offered two levels of insurance : Love Boat Care and Love Boat Care Gold.
  8. Why should Neanderthals behave differently from other primates who are caring and loving and from time to time very violent?
  9. And even if Mikey can give his brothers grief, they will always care and love him and have his back.
  10. "If they are doing it out of care and love for me, I'm not going to tell them no ."
  11. In his thought . " Family is not with blood, Family is the people who cares and loves you ".
  12. She can be very harsh with her words at times, but she is in reality a caring and loving nurse.
  13. The minister said all the great man of the world became great because of the care and love of their parents.
  14. Like many she found in the band " security, what seemed like unconditional love and a caring and loving environment ."
  15. The great strength of America is the fact that America is full of caring and loving and God-fearing and decent souls,
  16. "And when you see these dogs working, you know all the care and love we give it, it's worth the while ."
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