care and love in a sentence

"care and love" in Chinese  
  1. Nina ( Pilcher ) is caring and loving,
  2. "You don't treat it with the care and love that you do with your hard-earned paycheck,"
  3. After medical evaluation those children are brought into the new surroundings with care and loving attention.
  4. I want you to know how much your care and love for him means to America.
  5. So are caring and loving feelings, O'Grady said.
  6. It's difficult to find care and love in a sentence.
  7. But I would consider helping an abandoned portal that needs some care and love : ).
  8. I want to write with care and love, which is a complete negation of hatred and enmity.
  9. He gave an image of Los Angeles as one in which people care and love the city.
  10. In a taharah, " the body is prepared with tremendous care and loving kindness, " Abramowicz said.
  11. She is proven in the end to care and love Tracy much more than she appeared to.
  12. Buy gifts made with care and love.
  13. I've always been a caring and loving brother and son but I think that's even more enhanced.
  14. Friendship requires attention, care and love.
  15. Now, I care and love myself.
  16. She often finds a supportive friend in her caring and loving husband Jeet . ( Vishal Singh ).
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