care and love in a sentence

"care and love" in Chinese  
  1. Jon and Doc Boy's tough, eccentric but kind, caring and loving grandmother.
  2. Ruth is the gold standard for caring and love in our family.
  3.  a suitable and proper object of God s special care and love.
  4. All of us should treat each other with caring and love.
  5. Continue to be the pleasant, caring and loving child you are.
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  7. He has a caring and loving mother and a helpful brother.
  8. A banner read : " Long live care and love ."
  9. Despite being a miser, Philip is a very caring and loving husband and father.
  10. But eventually she learns to care and love her sister.
  11. The journal itself shows how distraught he is under his caring and loving persona.
  12. We are also an idealistic, caring and loving people.
  13. As a caring and loving woman Annie takes the time to care for ape Ben.
  14. Discipline is a concept tied to care and love.
  15. "Alisa was a funny, caring and loving friend, " the group said in a statement.
  16. Todd's widow Carolyn paid tribute to " a caring and loving father and husband ."
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