care and feeding in a sentence

"care and feeding" in Chinese  
  1. "Policies that promote the care and feeding of monopolies must end,"
  2. The theater, in short, was a place for the care and feeding of dreams.
  3. He estimated that Bowe's care and feeding cost more than $ 5, 000.
  4. "There's a lot of care and feeding that goes into this poll.
  5. I'll study knowledgeable opinions on care and feeding, use rain or distilled water.
  6. It's difficult to find care and feeding in a sentence.
  7. Beneficiary : Care and feeding for the animals at Zoo Atlanta, including the giant pandas.
  8. Its care and feeding through the stock market boom days left a lot to be desired.
  9. Sites also offer gift suggestions for your pets, as well as tips on care and feeding.
  10. "We do a lot of care and feeding of people, " he said.
  11. Windows takes a lot of care and feeding, more than most people want to give it.
  12. So far as care and feeding goes, he offers up little but the most basic guidance.
  13. "It needs continuous care and feeding like a child . " _ _ _=
  14. Care and feeding of the bears, however, still fell to the Knight family and friends.
  15. While the initial acquisition may be gratis, the true cost is all in the care and feeding.
  16. Britton's care and feeding of lawmakers sometimes began before they took office and continued long after.
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