care and feeding in a sentence

"care and feeding" in Chinese  
  1. Television news personalities have always been known to require astute care and feeding.
  2. They will require lots of care and feeding . " _ __
  3. For Banes, the care and feeding of the mascot are a delightful chore.
  4. For the care and feeding of your heart and mind, two constrasting stories:
  5. When it comes to the care and feeding of your QBs, nobody does.
  6. It's difficult to find care and feeding in a sentence.
  7. One key theme at LinuxWorld was concern for the care and feeding of programmers.
  8. Beyond that, networks _ especially wireless networks _ require constant care and feeding.
  9. I wrote a couple of weeks ago about the care and feeding of amaryllis.
  10. They also share in the care and feeding of all cubs in their pride.
  11. The care and feeding of a police horse costs about dlrs 8 a day.
  12. "This takes a lot of care and feeding, " said White.
  13. The class is Ag Science _ a basic care and feeding of plants and animals.
  14. And Whitney was always put in charge of the care and feeding of these people.
  15. She also sees to the care and feeding of her family and their five horses.
  16. His ego does not require constant care and feeding, like Jimmy Johnson's.
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